Performance with Sting on Late Night with David Letterman

Well, that was fun.

I performed a few times with Sting this past Thursday and Friday and I'm still reeling from the experience.

The guy is the real deal, a true musician and totally pro. It was an inspiring few days of rehearsal and performances where I got to play with one of my favorites. If you had told me at 15 when I was an avid Police fan I would get to play with Sting one day, I probably would have died on the spot.

Here is a video of the performance and a couple extra behind the scenes shots from the show as well as a shot from a late gig we did Thursday night where I got to play "Every Breath You Take" on my new custom Grosh ElectraJet.

Thank you to Don Grosh and Bob Smith at Grosh Guitars and Amilcar Dohrn-Melendez at Cordoba Guitars for providing me with such beautiful instruments.

It's freezing in that theater. Sting is on the left with the hat, scarf and jacket.

Later that night at a gig, playing Every Breath You Take on my Grosh ElectraJet


  1. congrats man... that's one to tell the grand kids

    a while back you mentioned wood shedding some charlie Parker, just wondering how that's goin?

    Kind regards

  2. Thank very much.

    I'm still shedding the Charlie Parker stuff. It's going great and changed my playing significantly, though I'm trying to figure out how to make a lesson out of it other than "learn Charlie Parker solos." I think I'm going to put some videos up with transcriptions and fingerings. The biggest part is figuring out how to make those lines work on guitar.

  3. sounds good... bebop is difficult for guitar ... sometimes i think the guitar was made for playing the blues but then i listen to wes, jimmy raney, tal farlow and well ... it can be done!

    looking forward to whatever you present, thanks!