Many of you have noticed the lack of posting for a couple months on this site and commented on it. I'm thankful that so many of you visit so frequently.

The thing is, it's Summer.

It's tough during a good week for me to get a post up on this blog as I'm a working musician which means a lot of scrambling, traveling, hustling, practicing and a generally erratic schedule. But now it's summer (admittedly, the tail end) and I've been trying to be a normal person and enjoy this time a year. I hope you are too.

Rest assured, I have a few transcriptions (Joe Zawinul, Adam Rogers), odds and ends of posts (substitutions, inversions) and ideas for video (expanding the blues, Melodic Minor substitutions) ready to go or nearly so. I just won't return to any type of regular posting until late September. But for now and the past couple months, it's been time to take a break and go outside.

Enjoy the rest of this time of year and keep practicing. I'll see you late September.

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