Jonatha Brooke

Jonatha, yours truly and cellist Rebecca Arons

I just finished five days in the great city of Minneapolis, MN rehearsing and performing with extraordinary artist and musician Jonatha Brooke.

I've been a fan of Jonatha's since I was in college in Boston when I first heard her band The Story back in the early '90s. I've followed her career with The Story and then her solo career since then. I've been envious of some friends who have gotten to work with her over the years. And then one day the call came...

I don't mind sounding like a doe-eyed fan when I say to work with her is an actual dream come true for me.

So here is to dreams coming true.


Many of you have noticed the lack of posting for a couple months on this site and commented on it. I'm thankful that so many of you visit so frequently.

The thing is, it's Summer.

It's tough during a good week for me to get a post up on this blog as I'm a working musician which means a lot of scrambling, traveling, hustling, practicing and a generally erratic schedule. But now it's summer (admittedly, the tail end) and I've been trying to be a normal person and enjoy this time a year. I hope you are too.

Rest assured, I have a few transcriptions (Joe Zawinul, Adam Rogers), odds and ends of posts (substitutions, inversions) and ideas for video (expanding the blues, Melodic Minor substitutions) ready to go or nearly so. I just won't return to any type of regular posting until late September. But for now and the past couple months, it's been time to take a break and go outside.

Enjoy the rest of this time of year and keep practicing. I'll see you late September.