Jimmy Page, Cat Play Theremin

The title of this post pretty much covers it. 

I'm thinking all this cat needs is to be taught how to work an Echoplex and he's good to go. 

Original YouTube of a cat playing a mini-Theremin:

It's Coming

Hey guys-- just a quick note to let you know that my 7 Metronome Tricks Part 2 post and video is coming. The shooting of the video got derailed by Hurricane Sandy and I had to immediately go on the road two days after the storm. I'm back in NYC for a couple days but I have to go back out in another couple days so it may not be up until next week.

I've gotten all your emails and comments and I'm honestly surprised at the positive response this one  got. Thanks for reading and watching, more coming as soon as I can crank out the video.

Time for Victor

A reader over at TheGearPage.net posted this video of Victor Wooten and some exercises he does with a metronome as a response to my Metronome Tricks post.

It's worth watching if only to hear Victor's incredible time feel.

One of my favorite exercises and one I'd never heard of can be seen at about 7:30. Victor has the metronome beat 40bpm but instead of subdividing the beat into 4, he subdivides it into 5 and then plays over it so that the click always falls one beat later in the 4/4 time he plays. It's a nice way to begin to introduce cross-rhythms into your playing. Wish I had thought of that.

A great suggestion from a GearPage reader, thank you!