Files Updated

Hey all--

After the iCloud fiasco, where Apple killed the iDisk servers which just happened to be the place I uploaded all the files I link to on this site, I managed to get them to another location.

From here on out, any link you click on on this site SHOULD take you to the right place and give you the right files you want.

Please let me know if I missed anything.

A new video is coming soon as well as an Adam Rogers transcription and a Joe Zawinul transcription.

Hope you're making great music.

Download Alert! -- Apple Wrecked My Files

Some readers have written to let me know they're unable to download files that I had available on the site.

It appears everything I ever uploaded to Apple's iDisk has been nuked.

Don't panic, I still have all the documents. I'm currently looking for another solution so readers can still download my transcriptions and sound files. In the meantime, if there's something you want, please email me: somuchsound at gmail dot com. It will take me a little longer to respond to every email but I'll get the files to you.