The Pump: Goodbye Radio

I know this is mostly a jazz and improvisation based blog but...

I have a shameless plug today-- a band I'm a sideman in, Uncle Pumpkin has released a new record that I'm proud of.

I play guitar, keyboards and sing backup in the band when we play live and it's one of the most fun gigs I have. We did this record mostly on our own in small rooms, on computers, live, however we could get it down.

Shout out to Dan Grennes (currently on tour with Green Day's American Idiot) who wrote all the songs and put together a hell of a lineup of power pop. He basically got this done single handed. The rest of us just showed up and played. Way to go Dan.

Listen to the whole record for free (!) and download it for only $5.

Even you have to admit that's ridiculous. How much does a coffee at Starbucks cost? This will last longer and has better taste.

Listen, preview and download the record here.

1 comment:

  1. Yeah man the record rocks.
    I hope to fill in again if you ever need.
    -Paul Pimenta

    PS - and you KNOW I love your blog and vids.