Got Plans Tonight? Now You Do

Just a quick note-- Wayne Krantz is playing with Tim LeFebvre and Keith Carlock at the Highline Ballroom in NYC tonight. If you're in the area, go. I'll be there.

All three of these guys are fantastic musicians and play beautifully together. Wayne especially is an unbelievable improviser. I just did a 4 day seminar with him last week and I've been practicing incessantly since then. He has a great method I'll share at some point on this blog.

In the mean time, I've got a lot of gigs over the next few days, one I'm learning a bunch of music for (with a comedian(!)) so my next video on chord-tone soloing is a bit delayed. Real life sometimes gets in the way of writing a blog. Weird.

Anyway, to sum up: go see Wayne tonight. I promise you won't be disappointed.

Do Your Thing

And I'll do mine.

"In the end we can talk for hours but that's the only thing that really matters, like you try to convey something that will reach people at an emotional level. And that's it for me. I don't play for musicians, I don't care about what other musicians think ... I don't play for them, I'm not trying to be accepted by other musicians, like, "Yeah OK this guy is good enough. He's one of us." I'm not one of anything, I'm just doing my thing."

-- Argentine pianist Emillio Solla